Departs Arrives Train No Hard Berth(6) Soft Berth(4) VIP Berth(2)
Hanoi- 19:25 Hue- 08:25 SE3 N/A $65 N/A Book
Hue- 15:25 Hanoi- 04:50 SE4 N/A $65 N/A Book
Hanoi- 19:25 Danang- 12:24 SE3 N/A $75 N/A Book
Hanoi- 22:00 Sapa- 05:55 SP3 N/A $36 $74 Book
Sapa- 21:30 Hanoi- 05:25 SP4 N/A $36 $74 Book
Danang- 18:05 Hanoi- 11:47 SE20 N/A $75 $138 Book
Dong Hoi- 18:42 Hanoi- 05:25 SE4 N/A $60 N/A Book
Hanoi- 19:20 Dong Hoi- 05:21 SE3 N/A $60 N/A Book
Hanoi- 21:35 Sapa- 05:15 SP1 N/A $36 $74 Book
Sapa- 08:30 Hanoi- 16:05 SP10 N/A N/A N/A Book

Damitrans is a new train on journey from Hanoi to Sapa, Sapa to Hanoi, Hanoi to Hue/Danang. Damitrans launched in September, 2022 with slogan is Simple is the best. Cabin designed by wood with cozy light inside. Damitrans focus on clean during journey. They service Deluxe cabin with four berths and VIP cabin with two berths inside. They are preparing a lounge inside Hanoi Station, passengers can take a rest, store their luggages, exchange tickets, drink tea, coffee while waiting train.